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meat and fish as side dishes


Morris & Bella, in the Spaarndammer neighbourhood in Amsterdam, serves a 3- to 6 course menu, with greens at the base. Fish, meat and cheese can be ordered as extra.

Morris & Bella wants to give a new meaning to hospitality. Usually in restaurants meat and fish are the main ingredients and vegetables are just a side dish. Morris & Bella has reversed this. Everybody is welcome, be you a carnivore, a Burgundian, a vegetarian or a vegan.

The base are greens and is vegan, but as a supplement you can order meat or fish with a dish.

The menu is as follows and changes every two or three weeks:

3 course menu                        25,00

4 course menu                        31,50

5 course menu                        39,00

6 course menu                        46,50


supplement starter               2,75

supplement soup                    -

supplement intermediate  4,50

supplement main                  6,00


phone number

+31 (0)20 475 20 46


Nova Zemblastraat 586               1013 RP


Opening hours

Wed-Sun 17.00-01.00

kitchen open
Wed-Sun 17.00-22.00

Mon-Tue closed

Sun 12th of august untill the Tue 4th of september we are closed due to holiday

Fri 7th of september closed

For groups, private dining or special celebrations, both lunch and diner, you can contact us.





To make a reservation?

please email

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